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Enzymes Inc has been recognized as a leading expert in the development of highly-effective, enzyme-based digestive and systemic formulations since 1985. With decades of clinical and scientific research supporting our innovative nutritional supplements, we have established multiple complete lines of professional and consumer products featuring specialty blends that consistently provide beneficial results for customers worldwide.

Our Brands

Our brands consist of premium-quality nutritional supplements, expertly formulated to provide enzymes, probiotics, herbs and other nutrients in the right combinations and potencies to be most effective at addressing common health concerns.  For more than 30 years, we have collaborated with MDs, DCs, NDs and other health practitioners as well as conducted our own scientific research to assure our branded products meet or exceed customer expectations.  Healthcare practitioners and consumers alike will attest to the beneficial results realized when taking our digestive or systemic products.

Specialty Blends

Our speciality blends are the result of decades of experience formulating with enzymes and probiotics. Supplementing our technical expertise with extensive clinical trials and laboratory testing has allowed us to create precise blends to solve a given digestive or systemic problem. Healthcare practitioners and consumers alike have noticed an increase in the effectiveness of nutritional supplements containing these blends. Each blend can be the sole ingredient in a product or used to enhance the nutritional value or therapeutic benefits of other ingredients in a formulation.

Knowledge is Key

Research and education are important to understanding how a product formulation works in the body.  University studies and clinical trials help validate the beneficial results seen by healthcare practitioners when our supplements are taken by their patients.  There are many factors involved in formulating a nutritional supplement such as choice of ingredients and potencies.  Giving detailed information about ingredient characteristics and functions as well as potency designations empowers customers to make better decisions regarding nutritional supplementation.