Dual Benefits as a Probiotic Protector and a Prebiotic

Apple PrePectinis a proprietary blend of non-GMO apple pectin and apple fiber which, when combined with probiotics in a supplement, helps sustain the viability of the probiotics during and after digestion.

The Problem

The health benefits of probiotic supplementation are often not realized because many probiotic organisms are destroyed during the digestive process and those that make it to the colon do not have adequate nutrition to survive.

The Solution

Apple PrePectin, when added to a supplement containing “live” probiotics, serves two purposes: as a probiotic delivery system, it protects the organisms from harm in the digestive tract and as a prebiotic, it is used to produce metabolic fuel by new and existing microflora in the intestines.

How Apple PrePectin™ Works

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Probiotic delivery system


Why Apple PrePectin™

Compared to other probiotic delivery systems and common prebiotics, the ingredients in Apple PrePectinare water-extracted, naturally-occurring and hypoallergenic.

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