Digestive vs. Systemic Enzymes

Digestive enzyme supplementation is a generally accepted way to assist the body’s own enzymes in the break down and assimilation of food nutrients. Supplemental systemic enzymes, which are not as well known, show tremendous promise in addressing many common health concerns. Both digestive and systemic supplements provide the same types of enzymes from the same sources. However, they differ in the time of day the product is taken and the blend/potency of the enzymes found in the product. 

Enzymes taken with food are completely dedicated to digesting that food, releasing nutrients that can be absorbed and utilized by the body. Enzymes taken on an empty stomach can pass intact into the bloodstream, where they help restore and maintain healthy blood and tissue functions. Substantial research has shown proteolytic enzymes or proteases taken between meals, preferably one hour before and two hours after, can have a beneficial effect on immune, inflammatory and cardiovascular processes. There is limited research on the systemic use of amylase and lipase, however, there is clinical evidence supporting the use of amylase to help maintain normal cardiometabolic function and immune response to allergens, and lipase for healthy triglyceride metabolism and weight management.

Enzymes Inc uses different blends of acidic, neutral and alkaline protease, depending upon the intended purpose of the supplement. Although it is well-documented that protease acts differently in the tissues of the body than it does in the digestive tract, most systemic protease products on the market contain the same protease blend found in digestive products. In addition, the amount of protease needed to be effective systemically is often much greater than that needed for digestion.

Based upon decades of clinical and scientific research, a precise combination of proteolytic enzymes has been developed that provides optimal activity in the physiological conditions of the blood and tissue fluid of the body. This highly-effective blend of proteolytic enzymes is called pHysioProtease®. A recent study comparing pHysioProtease® with three commercially-available protease blends recommended for systemic use revealed pHysioProtease® delivers up to 52 times more systemic activity. pHysioProtease® is a specialty blend of proteases found exclusively in select brands of products distributed by Enzymes Inc.