InflammEnz™ Research

InflammEnz™ (formerly EnzAid) is a unique blend of highly-effective proteolytic enzymes including pHysioProtease®, antioxidants and minerals which has proven to have a remarkable effect upon the healing process.  When taken immediately following soft tissue trauma, patients can expect to return to their normal lifestyles much sooner.

Results from a study conducted at University of Southwest Texas Medical School reported in Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons as well as clinical trial results reported in Aesthetic Surgery Journal, Lipoplasty magazine and at the scientific meeting of the American College of Phlebology, all demonstrate that patients taking InflammEnz™ experience resolution of their pain, discoloration and swelling caused by soft tissue trauma significantly faster than those not taking InflammEnz™ for a similar procedure.

Although research to date has focused on surgical wound healing, many different types of healthcare practitioners have found InflammEnz™ to be beneficial in speeding the repair of a variety of soft tissue injuries, not just surgical wounds.

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