Absorption & A2M Activation

The proteases specifically chosen for inclusion in the pHysioProtease® blend are highly resistant to gastric acidity which allows them, when taken between meals, to pass through the acidity of the stomach unharmed and be absorbed intact from the small intestines into the bloodstream.[11-14] These proteases are immediately attached to circulating alpha-2-macroglobulins to keep the enzymes from stimulating an immune response, which occurs when an unshielded foreign protein enters the blood.[15,16] This protease attachment results in a conformational change in the macroglobulin, increasing its activity and mobility to sites of inflammation throughout the body.[17,18] Research suggests this activation of alpha-2-macroglobulins by the type of proteases found in pHysioProtease® is the mechanism by which these supplemental proteolytic enzymes quickly and effectively modulate the inflammatory cascade.[19]* This patented mechanism for increasing activated alpha-2-macroglobulins in the plasma and interstitial fluids (US patent 6,413,512) emphasizes the importance of using systemic proteases with optimal activity in the physiological conditions of the blood and tissue fluid of the body.[20]