Immune Support

Alpha-2-macroglobulins activated by protease increase macrophage and other phagocytic activity which helps the body break down and eliminate cellular debris and many harmful agents such as microorganisms, allergens, chemicals and rogue cells.[25] The complement system, an integral component of innate immunity, receives assistance from protease-activated alpha-2-macroglobulins in the degradation of inflammation-causing immune complexes circulating in the blood and those deposited in soft tissues.[34-38] Research further shows these active macroglobulins facilitate the clearance of protein damaged by heat or oxidation preventing an accumulation of abnormal proteins in the body with the potential to form destructive amyloids.[39-41] This cleansing or detoxification of the blood, lymph and tissue fluid is an important way pHysioProtease® can enhance the body’s immune response and quality of life.[42-45] *